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Panos Ghanimian

Kuwait - Salwa From Wasmi Al-Wasmi St. - Block 10 - Street 10 - Building 34 - 2nd Floor - Apartment 5

Contact us: +965 99529672
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Many thanks to whom who got me there in working reputation almost any job, especially with my teachers Mr & Mrs Lawrence who sparked the idea of art-loving client in Kuwait and later many others in USA & UK and back in Kuwait until now with the drive of National Council of Arts Culture and letters and contributions

Thank you for your interest in our artistic expressions. If you would like to place a special order

PRINTS of my original work (approximately 70x90cm.) in size, cost KD 125 for local purchases in Kuwait and $650 for international orders.

Each PRINT is signed by the artist. Please note that delivery fees apply locally and we will make ends meet to have your copy reach you outside Kuwait as well.

Each PRINT is a high-resolution camera reproduction on glossy paper with full color and laminated surface.

PRINTS are mostly reproductions of ORIGINALS from the “Shop & Surf" section (link to section), “Old Items “, or “Scratch” sections. For the latter two, please let us know which PRINT you are interested in so we can clarify for you if we have a high-resolution version of the same in order to avoid any disappointment with the order.

We are confident that you will be pleased with the results. And, to understand each other, that we all have one life to live at the entrance to maintain our distances, with limited resources and attraction amongst the competitors, with obstructions of the flow of safe heaven.

If you would like to purchase an ORIGINAL work, please email us at the information the top of this page.


We can customize and create a one-of-a-kind commissioned work for you based on your preferences and direction, or someone better and more expensive, that we know in Kuwait in galleries with local and International Assistance; by commissioning on my personal website.
Good luck for your best choice with us.

We welcome sponsors and donors. Your patronage encourages us to keep producing new work.
Please contact Ms. Maggie at +965 97286662


Recognized Certification by Kuwait National Library 2007