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Married at last but where

Married at last but where – How to avoid treason in the future at home in the area no matter what you put together borders around […]

Nice Place

Nice Place – What do you think will end at a certain stage in your life rather than expecting from others to know the same without […]


Shame – A doubtful guaranteed satisfaction at the different workplaces with different people of the same creativity of speech going on forever unresolved due to lack […]

How to name this and that

The long road down after graduation to get rich like the people for the country as well who have fun a professional way with educated people […]

Let it all out elsewhere

Let it all out elsewhere – Cheap talk is here to stay in our dreams for the time being because for the same people at home […]

A Big Mistake

Is it possible at work to live in assuming such expectations without everyone at work like at home what is fun without everyone in the country […]


The irreconcilable difference sometimes will get you everywhere or nowhere with time when you don’t thrive to succeed to realize how they think with the injustice […]

Worth of Business

How it all ended, where the justice is at the wealthy end, with oceans and borders to break us apart until we rise for health.

In captivity

Waiting to return the sample to know better if the kids are sick.

Who’s The Boss Bad Diet

It is no place for the ugly to come into our lives for the sake of growing together for a safe ride but is it wrong […]

Can it be done by Logic

Is it from us or is it from others to have control on our temper getting a perfectionist. Size 60cm x 80cm Medium Water Color Price […]

Avoided Judgments

Avoided judgments – The people around the absent bosses chair, from progress and prospective moments of the poor who wants to know what they are talking […]

Possible Compensation

A walk in the park to get helpful for your own later.

Not allowed to be free forever

An honest season for the same judges to terminate for being content with less from others as well with the harvest season Size 60cm x 80cm […]

How to Become A Professional

The Buzz we all Miss in a singles life.

Unexpected Tacky Change Every Now And Then

Time to get help from others for the time being.

Border Revenge of Bad Diet

What people do for their people and to shame each other at the end.

Doubtful Experience

The survival of the ugliest like some of us to stay in business Size 60cm x 80cm Medium Water Color Price 2500 KD Digital copy 100KD

The Right Teacher

Live a foreigner amongst the locals for the people in their best interest. Size 60cm x 80cm Medium Water Color Price 3000 KD Digital copy 125KD

Any End is here to Stay

Try not to fear the end of the duty hours that might be waiting outside busy hours. Size 60cm x 80cm Medium Water Color Price 3200 […]

Reach a Safe Place

The windy gusts of possible speech admire to land in a safe oasis of like pictures to take you back to the future, to ask your […]

Back to Unfinished Business

Time to work a little cleaned up for another walk of fame.

An Unwanted Possession

An Unwanted Possession – of the subject of an old civil war in discussion is on stage – Respecting the differences by keeping quiet at exposed […]

Such as life of bad people

Neglected Vision to mess with Arts and Crafts.

Reflections on a perfect day for shopping

Reflections on a perfect day for shopping – When will they know to understand the others either absent or gone, in their dreams of reality gone […]

Lost As Always from looking good

What to celebrate to overcome the fear at its convincing moments of the gratitude of the free before clean-up for a sacred bedtime. Size 60cm x […]

Nobody Else

The distant myth that needs proof of being tired with the naked eye for sleep and comfort before reaching the destiny of producing money to have […]

Lack of Pushy Behaviors

They should all be sent to a rugby match

Learning From Many

The reality of the ghost is in the beauty and speed of the fierce to hurt you permanently forever. Size 60cm x 80cm Medium Water Color […]

Mini Theatre Fame

She works hard for her money to stay in focus from our top among the public below with their plans to open a business. Size 60cm […]

Peace for Moms

Moms care for our best for those who the sky is their limit for heavens doors.

Equivocal Space

We have nothing but to blame each other, for others in technology to go to outer space to watch in comfort.

Redo The Past

What to do when doing it the wrong way, to overcome the negativity of fast reform. Size 60cm x 80cm Medium Colored Ink Digital copy 125 […]

The Real Pain in Tourism

When we will be aware what works for the system to renovate instead of everything new from ground even at less than zero. Size 60cm x […]

Occupied Admiration in Business

I am proud of my ancestral roots as an Armenian but I will always demand our occupied lands as we are the rightful owners and have been there since the beginning of time…